Beyond Brokerage


At the Vipond Group expertise and experience is everything. We go beyond the basic brokerage model to provide customized services for our clients.

Every deal is unique, requiring a mix of real estate expertise in many different areas that most firms do not comprehensively provide. Our team is comprised of real estate experts with backgrounds in law, real estate development, brokerage, accounting, economics, finance, auctions, investment properties, real estate portfolio and property management, and public and private equity. When you hire the Vipond Group you are retaining our problem solving and strategic skill sets that have been honed over years of experience in both strong and weak markets since 1987.

We love what we do and align ourselves with your best interests to work methodically and strategically to help ensure your success in any transaction. We are excellent at preparing for potential risk, uncovering new opportunities, and guiding you through each stage of the deal.

As a client’s single source for expertise, we can provide you with creative and cost effective solutions and offer a broad range of real estate services from acquisitions to sales, leasing, site-selection, property management, consulting, strategic planning, and portfolio management and optimization.

  • Strategic Acquisition, Disposition and Leasing
  • Consulting & Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Management & Optimization

Strategic Acquisition, Disposition and Leasing

For disposition and leasing transactions, we begin by developing a targeted marketing strategy for each property based on comprehensive research and an extensive analysis of market conditions and trends. A broad spectrum of relevant factors are considered and evaluated to determine the right positioning and pricing matrix, including customer demographics, the competitive environment, and current and future market opportunities. After we establish a comprehensive and detailed action plan, we relentlessly execute on the plan by marketing your property on a local, regional and national level. In addition, we use our vast database and national network to inform all of our user contacts, past clients and purchasers, and all individual and institutional investors that we have worked with in the past.

For acquisitions and investment properties, we conduct rigorous due diligence on the subject property and prepare a thorough market analysis of detailed information about market conditions and valuation. This process instills confidence that you are making an informed decision about the purchase of your asset. We then use our extensive negotiation experience, learned from closing hundreds of transactions, to get you the best terms and conditions and then guide the transaction to a successful closing.

Accelerated Marketing (Auction)

The Vipond Group also offers alternatives to conventional marketing and sales approaches that can quickly and effectively address your real estate challenges. Through the auction process we can implement an accelerated marketing plan for an expedient, non-contingent sale of your property. Our goal is to maximize value and minimize risk for our clients, regardless of timing, property location or market conditions.

Advantages of the Auction Process

The auction marketing process provides the following sale benefits:

  • dynamic marketing exposure focused upon a specific sale date thereby creating a sense of urgency;
  • introduction of the property to a broader buyer base outside of the traditional local real estate circles;
  • seller dictates terms and drives the process in a competitive bidding environment;
  • all properties are sold “As Is, Where Is” in a non-contingent sale which maximizes the potential for a quick and successful closing.

In our experience, the ideal approach to reach targeted buyers is through a diversified marketing campaign incorporating direct mail, newspaper ads, website postings, e-mails and real estate publications (printed and online).  In addition, we use a press release to drive further media exposure.

The following outlines our accelerated strategy:

  • Identify The Target Market: The target market for the sale of the property is identified and typically includes owner/users of similar properties
  • Preparation of a Property Information Package: The more educated a buyer is the easier it is to make a buying commitment. We will produce property information packages containing all available “due diligence” information on the property. The package will be available in paper and electronic formats. The packages will be available online to those who provide the required contact information.
  •  The Marketing Campaign:
    • Display and Newspaper Advertising
    • Direct Mail
    • Internet Marketing Using a Variety of Real Estate Websites
    • Email Marketing
    • Telemarketing and Personal Contact with Prospective Buyers
    • Property Tours
    • Creating a Sense of Excitement, Urgency and Confidence
  • Auction: Typically, 6-10 weeks from the execution of the listing agreement

Strategic Acquisition, Disposition and Leasing – Case Studies

For a complete and comprehensive acquisition, disposition or leasing strategy tailored to your specific property or portfolio, please contact our corporate headquarters at (425) 557-9260.

Consulting & Strategic Planning

With over 30 years of expertise and success, the members of the Vipond Group can offer practical advice and strategic insight on a wide range of economic consulting and real estate matters. Throughout the years, we have earned a highly regarded reputation for innovative thinking, sound research and trusted advice. We are experienced in all types of market conditions and have an extensive network of local and nationwide contacts.

We can advise you on specific issues including (but not limited to):

  • Feasibility and Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation
  • Transactional and Financial Structuring
  • Accelerated Marketing
  • Development Planning
  • Debt and Equity Financing
  • Property Management

Consulting & Strategic Planning – Case Studies

Please feel free to contact us at (425) 557-9260 and we can discuss your specific goals and objectives.

Portfolio Management & Optimization

Proper portfolio management and optimization requires astute efficiency. In this realm we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the net present value of real estate holdings, while reducing absorption time and holding costs. We analyze, recommend and implement specific strategies based on market forecasts thereby conserving capital while increasing appreciation of the asset and minimizing risk.

In the past this has entailed (among others):

  • Acquiring, assembling, leasing and property managing contiguous infill properties to build an NBA and NHL arena, parking structure and surrounding amenities (currently ongoing)
  • Identifying, acquiring, managing, and selling specific assets for a portfolio based on targeted prices thereby taking advantage of market conditions
  • Buying and selling assets in different geographic regions for a user that changed business models
  • Leasing to hold for appreciation and managing real estate assets that were once acquired for a different business use
  • Increasing value by rezoning certain portfolio assets to a “higher and better” use
  • Designing leasing strategies and terms to minimize overall vacancy to the portfolio and to allow for redevelopment

Portfolio Management & Optimization – Case Studies

Regardless of the size of the project, we can provide customized services to manage and optimize your portfolio.

Please feel free to contact us at (425) 557-9260 and we can discuss your specific goals and objectives.