The Vipond Group delivers an innovative combination of expertise, experience and execution to successfully market all types of commercial, industrial and investment properties. We offer creative solutions and a full range of conventional services that enhance the net present value of real estate holdings, while minimizing absorption time and holding costs.

As a client’s single source for expertise, we have a reputation for reliability, honesty, and precise attention to detail.  We provide our clients with innovative and cost effective solutions and offer a broad range of real estate services from acquisitions to sales, leasing, site-selection, investment counseling, and asset management.

For sales and leasing transactions, we begin by developing a targeted marketing strategy for each property based on comprehensive research and an extensive analyses of market conditions and trends. A broad spectrum of relevant factors are considered and evaluated to determine the right positioning and pricing matrix, including customer demographics, the competitive environment, and current and future market opportunities.  After we establish a comprehensive and detailed action plan, we relentlessly execute on the plan by marketing your property on a local, regional and national level.  In addition, we use our vast database and national network to inform all of our user contacts, past clients and purchasers, and all individual and institutional investors that we have worked with in the past.

For acquisitions and investment properties, we prepare a thorough market analysis of detailed information about market conditions to instill confidence that you are making an informed decision about the purchase of your asset. We then use our extensive negotiation experience, learned from closing hundreds of transactions,  to get you the best terms and conditions.

At the Vipond Group, we are experienced in all areas of commercial real estate, and know how to creatively address complex situations  to produce successful results. We’re committed to our clients and to operational excellence in preserving and building real estate value.